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The Weddle Twins


Here are some samples of our performances from our previous private and public gigs:

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"Marissa and Kelsey Weddle,
I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed your amazing performance on November 15.  You two are so talented and full of poise and grace.  I was extra lucky that the performance was in the lobby this time so I could enjoy it at the desk.  I hope to watch you two as your career soars and be able to say I knew you before you became superstars.  I hope you have an Blessed Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year. 
--Christine Cargile, Providence Emilie Court, November 16, 2017​​

"Marissa and Kelsey have really grown as performers in the last few years. They put their hearts into their music, and this performance (August 10) made a lasting impression on our audience."

--Couer d'Alene Arts and Culture Alliance, August 11, 2017

"Beautiful music times 2"
​-- The Spokesman Review, August 11, 2017

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing your talents and your voices at the Southside Community Center on Tuesday, June 20 for our Summertime is Picnic Time luncheon.  You ladies were more than wonderful, you were the BEST entertainment we've had in several years of luncheons.  With perfectly harmonizing voices that carried throughout the ballroom and with exquisite elocution so everyone could understand the words, we were on the edge of our seats with rapture, thoroughly enjoying your selections of songs from the "senior era."  Your darling dresses, your mirrored hair styles, your beautiful smiles, not to mention the endearing music, will be with us in our minds for some weeks in the future. " 

​--Kristin Watson, Entertainment Chairman, Southside Community Center,​ June 26, 2017